From Your Knowledge of Restaurants, from the Video, from the Global Company Profile That Opens This Chapter, and from the Case Itself, Identify How Each of the 10 Decisions of Operations Management Is Applied at Hard Rock Cafe.

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Operational Management Fields of Hard Rock Cafe
Operation management is an academic field of study that focuses on the effective planning, scheduling, control and use of service firm and their operations as show by the case study of the Hard Rock Café. The operational management synthesizes concepts that have been produced from all other departments such as quality management, accounting, information systems and inventory among others.
To ensure that the company has sustenance in the business, it is always paramount to have operational management strategy. This will ensure that the management of the resources that they have will always be used as required and towards development of the business. There are different strategic levels that
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Their variety menus that they offer depending with the country they are situated in are like pork, beef and chicken. Other foods are like hamburger, cheeseburger, French fries among many others depending with the demand of their customers. All the sales of the above named food are managed from a central position in t headquarter to ensure diversification of the menu and appropriate change according to the prospected customers. This ensures the business have a very intensive growth now rated among the top ten restaurant in the world.
Use of Technology in the business
For every business that has a future projection, technology is paramount in their operational management. Failure to uphold technology in the business, their services will eventually turn obsolete. Therefore, to ensure that they increase the speed of the services that they offer to their customers, Hard Rock Café has upheld technology especially the computer technology that is so rampant in the business sector. This is to ensure that they increase the efficiency of their business, reducing procurement cost as they operate globally as well as multitasking. This makes them to ensure that they have increased the productivity of the company.
According to the business case study, it shows that the heart of the sale forecasting of the business is the point-of-sale system (POS). This system helps the business to capture data of the transaction that have been done in the café. The system give the business the