From a Long Line of Vendidas

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In order for a patriarch system to perpetuate male superiority, they must first create a space for male domination. This is accomplished by instilling feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness in females so that they accept their inferiority. In a patriarch society that facilitates female inferiority it seems that unification of women is the only way to achieve liberation. In Cherrie Moraga’s Loving in the War Years, the chapter entitled “From a Long Line of Vendidas” teaches that patriarch society negatively influences the way women feel about themselves, thus influencing the way women relate to each other. This cultural environment perpetuates gender hierarchy by both ruining the self-image of women and placing women in discord,…show more content…
The myth is embedded into the fabric of Chicano culture to the extent that even women who have never heard of the myth experience the affect of its existence. Women themselves perpetuate their inferiority; the author recounts a moment in her life when her emotional connection with her mother was interrupted abruptly by a telephone call from her brother. In this instance, the mother chose to speak with her son, the Chicano, over her daughter, the Chicana. What I wanted from my mother was impossible. It would have meant her going against Chicano tradition in a very fundamental way. You are a traitor to your race if you do not put the man first. The potential accusation of ‘traitor’ or ‘vendida’ is what hangs above the heads and beats in the hearts of most Chicanas seeking to develop our own autonomous sense of ourselves, particularly through sexuality” (42). This highlights that Chicanas prefer Chicanos more than they prefer each other; they perpetuate gender hierarchy by constantly placing males above females. Chicanas fear the criticism they will endure if they defy gender boundaries. Joan Riviere addresses this phenomenon in her essay “Womanliness as a Masquerade. Her essay explores the discomfort that woman feel when they act outside of the boundaries established by a male dominated society. In one example, she describes a

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