From the 1920’s up until his death Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia. What ensued under

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From the 1920’s up until his death Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia. What ensued under Stalin’s reign didn’t evoke emotions of love for country within the Russian people. Under Stalin the people lived in constant fear because of an epidemic within their own country, genocide of Stalin’s own people by Stalin himself. From 1934 up until 1939 a period of mass fear swept over Russia and at the helm Stalin with his (helpers?) of mass killings, the NKVD which are the internal police. Russia has always had a form ‘state security service’ commonly thought of now as “the secret police”, but in 1929 under the direction of Stalin the NKVD was formed and though it may have a new name it still held the infamous fear and practices of its…show more content…
Along with that man the “founding fathers (PBS),” of the Soviet Union were publically executed for crimes against the country (PBS). During Stalin’s reign fear was a motivator anyone who spoke out was executed or sent to the Gulag’s, but that wasn’t enough for Stalin. The people who were terrified of him also had to praise him; Stalin’s grasp over Russia was so strong that wherever you were his photo was near you (BBC). Children were taught to love Stalin even though they were scared out of their minds. Stalin was given credit whenever anything good happened like there was a good growing season for farmers, just like a god and “they dare not do anything else” (BBC). The reason Stalin instilled so much fear into his fellow countrymen was what he felt would create unity (BBC). The Soviet Union has always had a form of inner security somewhat like a combination of the FBI and CIA in America, but much more corrupt and ruthless. The NKVD was in control of certain departments they include troops stationed inside of the Soviet Union, criminal departments such as the police and other forms of investigation, prison guards these guards are also the Gulag guards as well, The NKVD was also in charge of much more ( As part of Stalin’s sense of unity came a sense of country; it has been
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