From the Ground Up

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The coffee shop where I wait for Karen is loud and busy. I sit and take notice of the people around me. The shop is filled with young and old people alike, and I notice the differences between these two generations. The younger crowd sits at almost silent tables everyone’s eyes on the screens in front of them. The older crowd sit and talk. Face-to-face with friends at their table and even with strangers at other tables, by eavesdropping and then inserting themselves into the conversation. While some of the younger people find this behavior rude, I find it oddly charming. When Karen comes in, I immediately recognize her bright smile. Karen is an older woman with brown hair and kind eyes. Karen Bowman and I worked together a few years ago at OK Foods. I am excited to see her and catch up on all the office gossip. We find a quiet corner in the shop to talk. I am going into the Accounting field and I am looking forward to learning more about this from her experience. Karen explains to me that she got her first bit of experience from her mother, who taught her how to balance a checkbook and write checks. Karen learned this at an early age, because her mother wanted to teach her about the practical things in life. Another Lesson that Karen’s mom taught her is, “a woman could take care of things… run her own life and be able to handle raising children. It definitely prepared me for being a single mom.” Hearing this I can feel that Karen has a great deal of respect for her
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