From the Mind to the Body, Self Comes to Mind

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From the Mind to the Body, Self Comes to Mind The mind emerged from the body through the originations of conscious thoughts in an introspective manner that is accessible to the self. A connection between mind and body eventually developed a proprietor within the thinking mind. The neuropsychologist Antonio Damasio believes that a mind with subjectivity is a conscious mind, otherwise one would not know of his existence, who he is, and what he thinks (Damasio, 2010). At some point in time, the mind developed feelings towards the experience of the connected “me”(Damasio, 2010). The human mind somehow collaborated with the body and began to differentiate between their inner world with subjective experiences, and the objective…show more content…
Furthermore, Damasio breaks down the self-as-knower into three steps that together compose the knower. These divisions are knowns as the protoself, composed of primordial feeling, the core self, which is action driven, and the autobiographical self that incorporates social and spiritual dimensions (Damasio, 2010). These aspects of the self are indispensable to construct the conscious mind, and according to Damasio, one needs to account for these aspects before trying to comprehend the neural basis of the conscious mind. Damasio and Bownds agree on the fact that human minds are shaped and biased by their culture, and the society that they lived in (Bownds, and Damasio). Bownds explains that the human knowledge is based on a preconceived idealization of what they already know. Consequently, a human mind is considered circular because they are formed by the same environment that they try to describe (Bownds, 1999). Consider the mechanic system that a zipper comprises for an instance. The zipper slider joins together two sides of a sweater in order to close the sweater and make it “work.” In the same way, the mind works along with the body. One can attribute the function of the zipper slider to the brain and the sides to the body, but specifically the side in which the zipper, or the “brain,” is attached, can represent the peripheral nervous system. In a way, the zipper slider, like
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