From the Shang Dynasty to the People's Republic of China

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Culture refers to the patterns of human activity and symbols that give meaning to the culture. It comes from art, literatures, customs, language and religion. The People’s Republic of China has a vast and rich history that dates back to 2200 BC. China is the third largest nation in the world with the highest point on the planet Earth and the most populated country. China has vast region divest environments from deserts to massive mountain ranges and jungles. The language is more complexes and challenging then most languages. Symbols and history are as colorful as any nation we have in the free world. I cannot do justice to the history of this country if I tried, I will do my best to show you a snapshot in this history, from the Shang Dynasty to the People’s Republic China. I will cover the economy, coming from a Soviet style, more free market, and Government, industries, and family structure. China is the third largest nation in the world it has 3,691,502 square miles. China boarders’ thirteen countries, including Russia and Mongolia to the north, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam to the south and India to the southwest, The Yellow Sea, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea to the east. The climate is extremely diverse, ranging from subarctic to the north and tropical to the south. Hills, plains and deltas characterize the eastern regions. China also hold the highest point in the world, the great and ever challenging Mount Everest, on the border between
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