From the first time I watched this show in Vince McMahon claims that as he was about to announce

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From the first time I watched this show in Vince McMahon claims that as he was about to announce "Welcome to WrestleMania III," he felt the spirit of his father Vincent J. McMahon, who had died three years earlier. After he made that announcement he introduced Aretha Franklin, who opened the show singing a rendition of "America the Beautiful."[24] The first match of the night was The Can-Am Connection versus Bob Orton and The Magnificent Muraco (with Mr. Fuji). This match ended when Rick Martel gave Don Muraco a high cross-body with Zenk on his hands and knees giving Muraco what Gorilla Monsoon called "A little schoolboy trip from behind" allowing Martel to get the win for his team.[1][25] The next match that aired was Hercules (with…show more content…
Following this Race recovered enough to give the Junkyard Dog a belly to belly suplex when he was distracted by Bobby Heenan to get the win. Due to the stipulation, he did a little bow (as he is supposed to, due to the pre-match stipulation) and then hit Harley Race with a steel chair. After attacking Race, Junkyard Dog took the King's royal robe and left the ring with it in hand to a standing ovation.[1][25] The next match that aired was The Dream Team (with Luscious Johnny V and Canadian strong man Dino Bravo) against The Fabulous Rougeaus. Raymond Rougeau started off the match by locking up with Brutus Beefcake. The two men later tagged out, and Greg Valentine brawled with Jacques Rougeau as Bravo looked on from the outside of the ring. Raymond performed a sleeper hold on Valentine and was followed by Beefcake jumping off the ropes and accidentally hitting the Hammer with a double axe handle. The Rougeau Brothers gave Valentine a double team move, but the referee was arguing with Beefcake. The match ended when Dino Bravo jumped off the top rope and hit Raymond while he was pinning Valentine, then rolling Valentine on top of him for the win.[26] The Dream Team argued for most of the match, which led to Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo departing
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