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The Front Desk is important to the 318 Commons Community because it is representative for UMR, an information center, and gives a sense of security. Although 318 Commons provides housing for residents that do not attend UMR, it is still a major representation of the UMR students. 318 Commons is a great place for UMR students to live at. I have lived in 318 Commons for two years now and I love how everyone living around my apartment are my schoolmates. Personally, I have experienced the help the Front Desk is able to provide residents. Not only do the Front Desk assistants do everything they can to help a resident, they do it in a comfortable and respectful manner. I never hesitate to ask the Front Desk questions that I have regarding 318 Commons. I always feel welcomed to approach these assistants.…show more content…
When I walk by the Front Desk of 318 commons, I always see a student sitting there either working on homework, helping a resident, or talking to other UMR students. I love communicating with people and also helping them in any situation. This job opportunity will allow me to display my responsibility and expand it even further than it is currently. Also, as a desk assistant I will be able to have a job in the community I live in. I believe having a job in a community you are familiar with, will make the job more comfortable for the employee and for the residents. This position is a teamwork of several Desk Assistants. I would love to work with the Desk Assistants from last semester. They all appear friendly and easy to communicate with. I want a job where I can rely on my coworkers and have confidence that they have trust in me as well. The Desk Assistant position will allow me to represent my school and converse with the 318 community while working with dependable
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