Front Porch Description

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I’m sitting on my front porch, and it is quite a cold today, but I nonetheless sit out on the porch looking at my front yard looking for something that interests me. But all I can see is the front porch in which I grew up in and it reminds me of my past, running around and playing in the front yard with my brother and father. The grass is dead, and patchy, but my parents like it that way for some reason I never found out. I look closer into the grass and notice that are many insects and bugs crawling about deep inside of the dirt, millipedes, pill bugs, and the like, I was never fond of these creatures as a child because they would crawl up my leg while I was playing with my brother; I always thought it was just an inch at first, because that’s…show more content…
The tulips were the same as I remembered a long time ago; a dark purple like the night sky, and I used to enjoy looking at them, but over time I got tired of it. The air stings my nose, but this isn’t an uncommon thing, I never was much of an outdoor person anyways. I look at my house and notice the bricks that he laid up halfway the wall, and the columns he was so proud of making all those years ago. I look at all this and it makes me sad in a way, for all the good times I’ve had in the past; I know those days will never come back. The wind picks up getting stronger, meanwhile the grass plays gently with the blades moving back and forth along with the trees as if it was a symphony of some…show more content…
The more I spend outside reminiscing of my past while I look at my yard, the more I continue to feel nostalgic of my past, albeit many others would probably have the same memories of their past if they reminisced as long as I have today. I feel as though life does not get better as you age, but the best moments in life are experienced when we are young as these are also the moments we remember the most of. But it does not matter how I feel, for life keeps on going despite your feelings of it; I am reminded by this when I look at the insects and bugs waddling around in the grass just as I have seen it so many years before. I see people going to work and coming home from work everyday like a computer program that has been programmed to do one thing and do it correctly for the rest of their lives; it’s similar to all life and patterns can be seen everywhere, from the colossal trees towering over me to the miniscule insects crawling around underneath
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