Frontier History : Daniel Boone

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Preston Robinson Mr. Porter English 11 11/11/15 Daniel Boone Daniel Boone was an American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, frontiersman, whose frontier exploits make him one of the first folk heroes of the United States. He is most famous for his settlement of Kentucky. He nearly spent 30 years settling that wild land. Boone also carved out what they called the Wilderness Road and building the settlement station of Boonesboro. He served for General Edward Braddock as a wagoner during the French and Indian War. Boone was also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolutionary War. Early Life Robinson 2 Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734, near Reading Pennsylvania. He was sixth of eleven children, born to Squire Boone who was a farmer and a land…show more content…
Which they used later as a major highway that leads to the frontier. “By 1769 Boone had formed an association with North Carolina promoter Richard Henderson, who planned to purchase large regions of the trans­Appalachian land from Indian tribes and create a fourteenth colony. Boone and six others, including his brother Squire, set out in that year to explore Kentucky in preparation for the proposed purchase. Some of his companions soon abandoned the expedition, but Boone persisted, locating and passing through the Cumberland Gap and along the Warrior 's Trace into Robinson 3 Kentucky. He explored the region until spring 1771. At about this time Boone relocated his family to the Watauga settlements in upper East Tennessee, perhaps as a more convenient base from which to explore and gain information about the region where Henderson planned to establish his settlement”(The Tennessee Encyclopedia). Henderson delayed his purchase of the Region, which made Boone decide to make his own settlement in what Henderson and his company had already purchased. In September 1773, Boone led a group of settlers including his own in­laws through the Cumberland Gap. However they abandoned the expedition, following a Indian Attack in Powell’s Valley, Tennessee. Boone’s son James was killed in the attack. “This promising beginning was soon overcast with a cloud of adversity; for upon the tenth day of October, the rear of our company was attacked by
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