Frontline: Sick Around the World

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Health care has been a debatable topic for many years now. More than half of Americas are without health coverage. On the other side the world places like Germany and Japan required that everyone has insurance. In the videos, Sick Around the World and Sick Around America, Frontline examines the health care system in the United States and parts of the world such as, England, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland, for some responses about health care. In the video Sick Around the World, Frontline travel to Britain, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland to investigate their health care system. In Britain, there is no insurance premium or no copayments and the system covers everybody. In Japan, everybody has to sign up for a health…show more content…
Many American will see a drop to their premiums. About 40 million without insurance will have access to coverage through exchanges, Medicare or Medicaid. Middle income Americans and employees will be able to use tax credits and subsidies on the exchanges to save up to 60 percent of the existing cost of premiums which make insurance affordable to up to 23 million Americans. Another component of the PPACA, it promotes public health and prevention of chronic disease. American families will have control of their own health decisions with nutrition and prevention information based. It provides for funds in prevention, public health, disease research, and screening. Small businesses will develop a workplace wellness programs to promote better health for the employees. Local and state governments progress policies to prevent the onset of chronic diseases, obesity, and tobacco use. Another component of the PPACA, the role of public programs. The cost of prescription drug will reduce. Medicaid will be eligible to more American. Starting 2014, all low-income, non-elderly and non-disabled individuals will be eligible for Medicaid. To people with long-term care needs, states will be allowed to provide home and community-based services and full Medicaid benefits. With the rate of the way of health reform is going America has a chance of have good health coverage.
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