Frost At Midnight By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Class name: English 100 Assignment 1
Professor: Dr. C Riegel
Student Name: Nduka Eluemelem
ID: 200359936
Semester: Fall 2017 October 17, 2017.

Frost At Midnight

In this poem “Frost at Midnight”, Samuel Taylor Coleridge; the speaker is in a lonely place around his home at midnight contemplating on his experiences back at school in London. This just portrayed the message of the early romanticism. The objects around him used metaphor for the work of the mind. The picture of fire pushed him into the impression of his childhood, this expression of feeling confined him into his present environment with a flow of love and pity for his baby. He imagined how his child will grow,
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Samuel Coleridge, 1798) (Paragraph 4. Samuel Coleridge, 1798), the appearance of the “stranger” on the grate indicates the coming of someone. Viewing it takes the speaker back to the memory of his childhood when he sat at school monitoring the stranger hovering on the grate and feeling that someone might show up. As this happens, his mind goes back to the place where he comes from, and the old church tower with bell whose sound is the only poor man’s music that rang from morning to evening, all the fair-day. The speaker feels the positive changes that might happen in the future when he hears the sound. He looks out a window, unhappy in the room where he sits trying to read his book but just busy visualizing the nature “muck study on my swimming book” (line 38) when the stern preceptor approaches however, he notices his feeling already gone the half open door and takes a quick look. He notices this stranger desirable “more beloved “than Townsman, or aunt, or sister to him (line 42). This spirit is truly his “play -mate” when they are “clothed alike” both outside loving the prevalent existence of nature. (Nicole Smith, 2011), the speaker reflects on his sleeping lovely child about his childhood concerning his lacks of access to nature, because as he stated, “For I was reared/ In the great city pent’ mid
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