Frozen Autograft Case Study

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At last follow up 20 patients remained disease free, 7 patients had no evidence of disease, 5 patients were alive with disease, and 2 patients died of disease. During follow-up, the frozen autografts were removed in 3 cases (8.8%); in two cases, due to local recurrence from residual soft tissue part around the femur and the third case due to deep infection in the tibia. Only one case with local recurrence underwent ablative surgery (hip disarticulation). The five and ten-year survival rates of the patients were 97% and 94.1% respectively (figure 2). The five and ten-year survival rates of the frozen autograft were 91.2 %, (figure 3) with survival rate of 94.4% and 87.5% for pedicled and free frozen autograft respectively (figure 4). The mean ISOLS score for all patients; was 26.1 points (86.79%) with range of30%-100% and for the 31 patients who retained the frozen autograft was 27 points 90%.…show more content…
The average union time for 29 patients who didn't undergo additional surgery was 9.97 months (2-36) with 9.81 for PFP and 10.15 for FFP (the mean union time for hemicortical resection was 6.5 months, while for those underwent two osteotomies was 11.77 months). There were 5 (14.7%) cases of nonunion. In 4 cases the non-union was treated by bone graft augmentation at the non-union site, while in 1 case the non-union was due to infection and the frozen autografts was removed with conversion to vascularised fibular
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