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Frozen With a beautiful combination of catchy songs, life-like animations, and an incredibly well developed plot, this Disney animated film leaves the world frozen in amazement. Released in December 2013, the movie “Frozen” speaks on being different and of love. The main character, Anna, and her older sister, Elsa were extremely close until Elsa’s wintery powers of which she was born with almost got Anna killed. While Anna held on to that relationship, Elsa had shut herself out in fear of hurting someone. Things got worse as their parents, the king and the queen died in a shipwreck, leaving the sisters more alone than ever. Years later, Elsa is forced to interact with others during her coronation, the build up of emotions and feelings…show more content…
Frozen easily fills this requirement because who hasn't ever felt alone or different? Anyone who is different, like Elsa, would be feared, mistreated, labeled, and honestly, who’s the same?Everyone is unique and different in their own way. In society, people who are different are made fun of, excluded, judged, etc. Watching Elsa go from fearing herself and isolating herself to accepting and loving herself showed us who cares what others think? Who never felt shy or nervous like Anna did before the ball. Everyone should be able to relate to at least one of the characters in this movies and therefore “Frozen” would be deemed realistic. In the eyes of Franzen and Groen, the movie Frozen would be considered quality art as it contains realistic characters, realistic scenarios as life is “tragic”, and realistic and relatable in general. Aside for that, Frozen is a top rated movie that everyone, not only kids
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