Frozen Krill Contract

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CONTRACT No. FRKL145 Between the undersigned: Bradiaga Krills Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 5 Profsouznaya st., Murmansk, Russian Federetion, represented by General Manager Mr. Ivan Ivanov hereinafter referred to as the “Seller” on the one hand and Bizzard Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 34 King st., Aberdeen, United Kingdom, represented by General Manager Mr. Elton John hereinafter referred to as the Buyer on the other hand WHEREAS the Seller is a major finishing company operating in the Antarctic sea; WHEREAS the Buyer is the main European supplier of sea products to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry; WHEREAS the Seller wishes to sell frozen krill’s in Europe via a highly…show more content…
4.2 The quality parameters of the shipped goods are indicated in the Specification, which is integral part of the given contract. 4.3. The delivery – acceptance of the goods will be made during transfer of the goods in Aberdeen. 4.4. The goods are handed over and accepted by the parties if there is no divergence between the put goods and accompanying documents. 4.5. With the goods the following documents: * Certificate of quality - 1 origin 2 copies * Certificate of an origin (Form A) 1 origin 1 сopy. * Bill of Lading - 3 origin 2 copies(to order) * The veterinary certificate - 1 original 1 copy 4.6. The Seller carries the responsibility for correctness of filling of the accompanying documents and its delivery to the BUYER in proper time. In case of absence any documents are indicated in point 4.5. and delay in its delivery being happened because of the SELLER fault, the SELLER must compensate to the BUYER all expenses connected with its re-registration or goods delay. 5. Terms of Payment 5.1 30 % of an advance payment through 10(ten) days after receptions and signings the original of the contract, 70 %- on conditions paid against the copies of all documents not later than seven days before cargo arrive to the destination. The seller must send all the original doc. To the buyer after reception 100% payment during two days. ------------------------------------------------- 6. Packing 6.1.Goods shall be packed according to

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