Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life

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“Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life”
Frozen pizza and other slices of life, by Antoinette Moses, is a very good book which tells us eight different stories about different people who show us the same country (England) but from their own point of view and tells us eight different stories about their particular lives. In the last four chapters, we can find other new British's point of view and many lessons from each chapter. Here is what we have learned from the last four chapters. To start with ‘Sweetie’, in this chapter, the story represents a student life, whose plot talks about Nikki Apton, a student college, who is not quite good at managing on her life. Her characteristic is the same as other students who are not able to arrange
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Carol was sent to a prison for young people and she had to stay there until she was sixteen. While Mike was reading the news, Angela came in and saw it. Angela took that news to the publishers and they published the news as “WE FIND CHILD KILLER’S SECRET HOME!” Carol and Robbie had to be separated from each other. Mike resigned from the college and travel abroad. At last, He gave up the idea of journalist and decided to become a teacher instead. The language and style that the author uses in this chapter is easy to understand. She often uses many dialogues in order to continue the story smoothly. In addition, she also uses metaphors to illustrate the readers. For example, she compares the Tabloids with two years old kids who scream when they are hungry or lose their toys because the tabloids get the readers’ attention by using a big headline. For the mood of this story, the narrator, Mike tells the story depressingly and guiltily. ‘Something that you do not intend to do can make others suffer’ is the lesson we have learned from this story. Mike does not mean to let Angela knows about Carol’s background, but Angela knows it accidentally and finally Carol had to separate from her child. Another lesson is ‘Just one mistake can change your life forever.’ From the story, Mike decided to become a teacher instead of a journalist after this happening. The third account ‘Don’t Miss the Mozart’ is involved with

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