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Ruhani Malik
Period 4

1960’s HW FRQ Questions

Due by April 26-27, 2012
Be sure to provide a strong and specific thesis statement with a nice introduction to your essay. Also be sure to provide names, dates, book titles, court cases, statistics and any and all other relevant facts you can think of to support your answer. Staple this sheet to the front of your essay and be sure to follow the formatting rules discussed for previous FRQ’s.

1. With respect to THREE of the following, analyze the view that the 1960’s represented a period of profound cultural change:

• Ethnic Pride

• Gender Roles

• Music

• Race Relations

• Hippies

• Sexual Revolution
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Regarding African Americans a strive for political and social equality was apparent through the enactment of two civil rights laws in 1960s by Congress, nonviolent protests such as the sit-in tactic and marches, advocation of “black power” and the attainment of presidential support for their cause. Regarding the women’s movement, the National Organization for Women (incorporating activist tactics) the adoption of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 supported their cause by making fundamental changes in employment and hiring practices. Moreover Latinos strived for progress by pushing for collective bargaining rights, a mandate for bilingual education and running for offices in major cities. African Americans were able to gain much attention and sympathy through their various protests and they were also able to advance politically and economically with their enactment of civil rights laws. In the 1960s nonviolent protests were prevalent among African American; in 1960 students in North Carolina started the sit-in movement after being denied service at Woolworth’s lunch counter (which was segregated). Thereafter the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was formed to maintain this movement where students would deliberately get arrested for sitting in restricted areas. This movement facilitated the

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