Fruit Fly Experiment: Conclusion.

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10. Errors and Redesign.

Throughout this experiment a number of random and procedural errors were apparent; these errors could have affected the results of the experiment in a number of ways. One experimental error that occurred during the experiment was that some flies became stuck in the food source and died. The main cause of this was the fact that the fly vials were stood up (vertically) before the flies had fully recovered from the anaesthetic. This could be overcome in future experiments by ensuring that the vials are kept horizontal until all of the flies fully recover from the anaesthetic.

One possible error that may have occurred was that some of the adult flies may have accidentally been left in the vials with their offspring,
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This may have been the cause of the low numbers of white lozenge in the F2 generation of flies. However, the cause of white eyes is a defective red pigment gene and should not affect the vision of the flies, whereas the lozenge gene should have a greater affect due to it causing the malformation of the fly's eyes. Therefore the lozenge flies should have also been in lower than expected numbers, but it was found that they were actually in higher than expected numbers making the validity of this argument questionable.

It is possible that the temperature at which the flies were kept dropped significantly below 20 degrees Celsius; this could have caused the death of some of the files or slowed down their growth and reproduction rate. This would result in there being fewer flies. This problem could be overcome in further experiments by using a larger heating device with a more responsive thermostat to keep the Fly house within the recommended temperature range for D. melanogaster.

It is also possible that a number of other random experimental errors (not mentioned above) affected the results of this experiment (for example the possible death of flies and their offspring due to mites and mould). These random errors could also be overcome by doing a large number of trials using a larger number of flies than used in this experiment.

11. Conclusion

The purpose of this experiment was to study
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