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Froot loops
History : Froot Loops is a brand of breakfast cereal produced by Kellogg's and sold in Austria, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, The Middle East, The Caribbean and Latin America. The cereal pieces are torus-shaped (hence "loops") and come in a variety of bright colors and a blend of artificial fruit flavors. Kellogg's introduced Froot Loops in 1963. Originally, there were red, orange, andyellow loops, but green, then purple, and, finally, blue were added by the 1990s..
Kellogg's has made many ventures for Froot Loopso, including snack bags called Snack Ums. Snack Ums were just like the cereal, only bigger. Their slogan was "Super sized bites with deliciously intense natural fruit flavors"
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With those notable hurdles, the market for breakfast cereal has managed to post growth over the past several years, albeit slow. In current dollars, sales grew from $8.5 billion in 2002 to $13 billion in 2009, representing a 2% annual increase. Customer analysis:
Being an organization of global stature, Kellogg’s uses multiple methods to communicate with its customers. Cartoon characters like Jack & Aimee are used to communicate the plus points of physical exercise to parents and children.

Competitive analysis

Types of Competitors
Our product offers a culmination of two different breakfast items: cereal and nutrition bars.
Main cereal competitors would be Kellogg and General Mills.(direct competitors)

In the past 60 months Kellogg has had a revenue growth of 6.5% and an earnings per share growth of 13.1%.

Marketing strategies: * The management at Kellogg’s anticipated that the dynamism of times and trends would require them to adopt change and so, it directed itself to be more than just a “fair weather” believer i.e. planned for contingency and flexibility. * Keeping in pace with the health consciousness trend of today’s times, the new philosophy of targeting and satisfying the health vigilant consumer was adopt.

Macro environment
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