Fruit Ph Experiment

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Fruits are very delicious and healthy. In this experiment our problem is How does pH levels vary in different fruits? The independent variable of this experiment is fruits, units: pounds/Ibs. The dependent variable is the pH levels. The constant variable is the boiling water. The hypothesis for this experiment is if we test the pH levels of oranges, cherries, and grapes then, the oranges would have a higher pH because it’s a very acidic fruit which would make it have a higher pH level. We will use boiled water then, add the varieties of fruit we chose into the pot, then strain the mixture of boiling water and cut up the fruit. The color would tell us the pH level of that fruit.
“PH is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration; a measure of the acidity
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This is where we got our idea to experiment multiple fruits and find out which has a higher pH level. Even though in our experiment some fruits maybe more acidic than others, that’s fine because our body needs a balance of acidic and base foods. In the Cabbage Chemistry experiment the cabbage is the pH indicator meanwhile in our experiment the fruits are the pH indicators. Sometimes we need to eat more acidic foods because when we play sports for example like basketball or just running we release a lot of carbon dioxide, which is an acid that lowers the acidity in our bodies. This can lead to our bodies being imbalanced, so this is why we would need to eat more acidic foods therefore are bodies can be balanced again. Another similar experiment we found was Candy pH, is like ours except they’re using chocolate candies, sweet candies, and sour candies. We’re both testing the acidity but just different foods. Likewise our procedures are similar because they put the different candies in boiling water so they can get the color, like
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