Fruit and Hydroponics

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NAME HERE and I became fascinated by hydroponics and the idea that one doesn't have to get their hands dirty to be a great gardener, and if your like us that's a good thing.

The idea of hydroponics has been around since the pyramids where build, but in all these years it never seemed to catch on. It took about forty-six hundred years before the first scientist took a look at hydroponics and adapted it to grow crops, this was a professor at the University of California, and the result was a 25 foot tomato plant that had to be harvest by a ladder. Thus hydroponics was reborn and has been advancing ever since. Yet up to 5 years ago the home grower and generally the public didn't know about hydroponics. It was
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This plant may have only grown 7cm but it has a diameter of 6cm, which may be smaller than the peas but in my opinion the tomatoes look way more healthier than the peas, because the leaves on the tomatoes are bigger and have a nicer shade of green.

Peas(The vegetable)results-This plant came in at a close third. It has a length of 13cm. Even though it has a longer stem than the tomatoes it was our opinion that the peas weren't as healthy looking as the tomatoes were. Some of its leaves where green, but some had unhealthy looking spots on them.

Tinkerbell(The flower)results-The results of this plant wasn't very good at all. Not only did this plant come in dead last but it also looks almost dead.
It grow about 1cm in the first week and just kind of stopped there.


To summarize this project, I would have to say that it was a success.
Since we have answer the problem of which plant thrives the greatest. Obviously, the bean, our legume is the best by far and the tomatoes our fruit is second the peas our vegetable are third, and dwindling in last the last place the all non- mighty flower the tinkerbell.

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