Fruit of the Spirit

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Introduction: Fruit of the Spirit Turn in your Bible to Galatians 5:22. This is a relatively familiar verse. Ask any child fresh out of a bible-learning program—Bible School, years of Sunday School and Awana, whatever—to name the fruit of the Spirit, and they can probably tell you. “The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” They can recite those words with huge smiles on their faces, ticking them off on their fingers and expecting to be rewarded for remembering all seven. Most adults can probably name at least five or six of the “fruits of the Spirit.” Or, if you, like me, are a former attendee of GA (Girls in Action) or presumably RA (Royal…show more content…
In their hearts, it was more important to them to maintain their own image of a perfect family and make sure that no one ever found out that there was something else going on than it was to them to make sure that the right thing happened. Their son is mistrustful of organized religion in general and the church he grew up in in particular. They have abandoned a portion of their family—their granddaughter—in order to protect their reputation. They have no contact with her: no phone calls, no pictures, no visits. If they saw her on the street, they would pass her by, because they would not recognize her and she would not know them. Bad trees produce bad fruit, regardless of the appearance that they try to create. If the root—the heart—is rotten, the fruit will also be rotten. On the other hand, Jesus gives us the assurance that as long as you remain in him, as long as you give him control over even the most difficult aspects of your life, you will bear good fruit. You will be loving. You will know joy. You will have peace. You will be patient. You will be kind. You will be good. You will be faithful. You will be gentle. And you will have self-control. One vine. One Savior. One fruit. Apart from him, you can do nothing, but with him, you will have and be all of these things. Not one of them. Not some of them. When you give up your heart, your soul, and your life
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