Fshore Oil Drilling Job

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Employees communicate with each other for effectively carrying out corporate responsibilities. As Robbins and Judge (2014) explains employee shares and conveys ideas and information through communication using four of its major functions such as “control, motivation, emotional expression and information” (p. 299). The offshore oil-drilling job is complex and needs engineering expertise. BP had undertaken deep-water oil drilling at the Macondo well using the Transocean offshore oil rig. It is expected that BP and its partner, Halliburton, Transocean needed detailed collaborative communication plan across between all the parties. Let us examine some of the critical communication before the disaster. BP engineer communicating that, the…show more content…
36). Halliburton also presented to BP that seven centralizer is very likely to create “severe gas flow problem” (p. 36). Subsequent days there was a pressure test conducted by oil rig owners and tool pusher Wyman Wheeler, who did not believe explanations received. Another negative test performed and during the new negative test, the pressure came down on a different pipe and not for the drill pipe and the crew moved on with the rest of the process. According to BP, tool pusher Jason Anderson justifies the anomalous reading as the “bladder effect and had been seen this before” (p.6). The negative test expectation is not necessarily the same since there is no pressure from the drill pipe. The drilling crew prepared for the cement plug top of the oil well by reopening the blowout preventer and “pumping seawater down the drill pipe to displace the mud and spacer from the riser” according to the United States (2011), Deep water, (p.7) and the crew began discharging the spacer. At 9.20 pm on the fatal day before the explosion, Anderson responded to another colleague, the negative test “went well”. Just after Anderson is discussing with BP representatives who praised the job, the explosion started with throwing mud. There will be check and balances on all levels for any well-designed process, but it is clear the communication did not happen at all levels. At the initial explosion, there was chaos, and no one knows the accurate count and evaluates
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