Fuel Efficiency Is the Key to a Better Life

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Though the vehicles we drive now have been good enough for the past 100 years, they are not efficient enough for our needs today. We need to find new ways to create fuel efficient vehicles. Whether it is gasoline, battery, hydrogen, solar, or even wind powered, we must find alternative ways to increase gas mileage. The benefits of increasing gas mileage would be a healthier environment, a boost in the economy, and help for families across the United States. Our current vehicles are not acceptable in any of these categories.
Using more fuel efficient cars would be a lot easier on the environment. The cars that are on the roads today spit out all kinds of harmful emissions. If we were to increase the fuel efficiency of those cars then the emissions output would be greatly decreased. One way to increase gas mileage would be to find an alternative power source for the vehicles. For instance, if we were to use hydrogen to power our vehicles, the only thing that would come out of the exhaust pipes would be all natural H20, also known as water. I know you’re probably thinking that coming up with a way to power a vehicle with hydrogen would be a very difficult task, if not all together impossible. But the truth is that engineers are getting very close to solving that problem. Some car companies have already developed a hydrogen powered car. Though they don’t have all the bugs…
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