Fuel Injection Is A Mandatory Part Of The Combustion Process

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Fuel injection is a mandatory part of the combustion process. The chemical energy provided by the fuel allows the engine to transmit power for a myriad of uses in the marine industry including power and propulsion or a combination of the both. The results of combustion include heat and exhaust gases. These exhaust gases, in addition to cost, make fuel injection systems more important today than ever. The International Maritime Organization’s Marine Pollution Prevention annex VI has established new regulations for nitric oxides, and sulfur oxide emissions which are the by-products of fuel combustion. Electronic fuel injection systems play a important role in the reduction of these emissions by improving the efficiency of fuel combustion. The main function of the fuel oil injection system is to provide the right amount of fuel at the right time. In order for fuel injection systems to work, there must be a means of measuring the fuel supply and a way to time the delivery and atomization of the fuel. This paper was completed in order to examine and compare two types of electronically controlled fuel injection systems, mechanically driven injection and electronic injection. The two types of systems we researched were the Sulzer RTA Series and the Sulzer RT-Flex. Wartsila RTA Series The Sulzer RTA engine was a low speed, two stroke crosshead diesel engine and have five to eight cylinders. These engines were designed for tankers and bulk carriers between 20,000 and 30,000 total

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