Fuels: Hydraulic Fracking, Yes or No? Essay

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From the mining to burning, coal creates large amounts of pollution, and damages the environment. “Clean Coal” is a myth, there is only less dirty coal. This is why fracking should be used to obtain other fuels, which are cleaner. Fracking is a process in which different fluids are pumped into the earth at high pressures to drill a hole. Horizontal fracking is when after they reach a certain depth, the nozzle makes a ninety degree turn to reach areas that were previously unreachable. Once the deposit is reached, the fluid is pumped back out. The fluid is mostly water mixed with a proppant like sand or small ceramic balls with some lubricating chemicals.. Horizontal fracking was developed by George Mitchell in 1998. He discovered the…show more content…
Gigawatts are used when powering a city or come from a power plant. This is a very large amount of power that can be obtained, it is one and a half times more power than is currently obtained from coal, while at the same time being much cleaner. Geothermal deposits are deposits of heat inside the earth. It can be used to heat buildings and generate power (Biello 20). Petroleum is used to create many different everyday things, such as plastic. It is also what allows people to drive cars. Petroleum is used for many things, and hydraulic fracking allows greater access to it. Without hydraulic fracking, many fuel deposits would remain inaccessible, and stop the public from being able to utilize them. Fracking can help create jobs and also lowers or pays the costs of living. Geothermal power is used for heat, “Geothermal fracking can help families save up to one thousand dollars on heating” (Promise and Peril). The saving of money is due to the fact that the geothermal energy is used to power the heating and cooling of the house, since it is run within the house, the power from geothermal energy goes to the house. This reduces the need of bringing in energy from a power plant and so relieves some of the cost (Promise and Peril). The plants create jobs, “Workers on oil rigs in North Dakota can make Seventy-thousand in five months. Supervisors earn three hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year” (Merrill 973-974). Since it allows access to

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