Fuenteovjena Is A Play Written By Lope De Vega, A Spanish Playwright

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Fuenteovjena is a play written by Lope De Vega, a Spanish playwright. This play focuses on the time period of the 15th century or more specifically the year of 1476. The setting of the play is in a small town called Fuenteovejuna in an area of Spain called Catille. The period of the play is centered on the reign of King Ferdinand and queen Isabella. The play follows the people in the small town of Fuenteovejuna, specifically the journey of a young woman in the village, Laurencia. Overall, the play represents three pivotal themes including love, the desire for power, and the over arching idea of honor. One of the most vital themes in the play is the theme of love. This is represented through various angles of the play. A significant example of love in the play was the love that Frondoso had for Laurencia. To love means to have extreme affection for the other person without conditions. Frondoso loved Laurenica without any conditions. He was willing to sacrifice his life for her. When commander Gomez tries to rape Laurencia in the woods after hunting for deer, Frondoso gets in-between. He could have chosen to not get in-between the situation. He knew that if he were to stop commander Gomez, the ruler of the town, his life would be at stake. He would be disrespecting extremely high authority, but yet he chooses to do so. He did not know at that point if Laurencia loved him in certainty or not. She was not extremely open about her feelings. He had always been honest…
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