Fugitive Pieces Essay

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The Second World War, lasting from 1939-1945 has had a lasting impact on the world. For some, more negative than others, it is simply a marvel how such a horrific event can potentially lead to equally bright new happenings. In the book Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels, the main character and narrator, Jakob, was serendipitously physically saved from the way by the Greek scientist Athos Roussos. Over time, Jakob grew into a person who could only be defined through true silence, which was seen in his relationship with Athos, his romantic links, and his connection with geographic locations and languages. It is in these ties of Jakob’s life the only language he is fluent in is evident: silence. When Athos first starts taking care of Jakob,…show more content…
He never pays attention to the detail in his life because he is always consumed with silent thoughts of the major events in his life. The only element retaining details are the memories of Bella’s musicality. Michaela’s memories, containing rich detail: “I’m shocked at my hunger for her memories” (p. 179), have been like leaves on a bare tree. In essence, Jakob is an educated person, only physical surviving for as long as he has been living. On the inside, he is bare without the things that will make him alive, that make him blossom. Michaela had this: it was the details that brought Jakob out of the silence. Born in Poland, Jakob is exposed to the most horrible event of his life. When he is brought to the land of Greece by Athos, he sees a new land where he has nobody except the new stranger Athos. Finally, when he moves to Canada, a new strange and even vulgar place, he is once again a stranger, truly residing only in his world of silence. “My life could not be stored in any language but only in silence,” (p. 111) Jakob tells the audience. In silence, nobody is discriminating against him. In silence he never has to assimilate or adapt. In silence, Jakob will always have himself and his memories. The only way Jakob can be defined as a person is through his silence, because there lay all the terrible events that have shaped him. Deep inside Jakob lie the memories and images of the only thing he has truly cherished: the
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