Fukushima Argumentation Essay

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The nuclear technology debate returns. Narrations about nuclear power in post-Fukushima Japanese and Western films The widespread debate concerning the Fukushima fallout, the future of the Japanese reactors and, last but not least, the suffering, fears and social problems the nation has to face, influenced also the Japanese cinema. The artists’ responses to the incident and its aftermath that is still being felt, resulted in the cinematic wake that happened surprisingly quickly after the catastrophe. The narratives about nuclear power, even though considered as taboo that should not be crossed when the memories of the tragedy are still alive, are constructed in the way to confront the social fears and give the viewers (also around the world) the clues how to understand its reasons and results, as well as how to perceive nuclear technology after such huge catastrophe. The recurring pictures that can be found in most of the post-Fukushima films are the depictions…show more content…
Furthermore, an important comment comes also from the western directors, among whom should be mentioned Alain de Halleux (Welcome to Fukushima, 2013), Doris Dörrie (Grüße aus Fukushima, 2016) and Matteo Gagliardi (Fukushima: A Nuclear Story, 2015). The main purpose of the proposed paper is to analyze the narratives about nuclear power in Fukushima-related Japanese and Western film productions in the context of the directors’ personal points of views on the issue and the impact of their works on Japanese society. I would like to deliberate on the problem how the filmmakers present nuclear technology, how they compare March 2011 events to World War II nuclear technology usage and how the fact that the tragedy is still alive in the memories of the audience influences the presented
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