Fulfilling the Promise of the American Dream Essay

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The promises of the “American dream” are no longer fulfilled. One does not simply work diligently and expect to achieve success. A number of factors must be taken into consideration: natural talent, class, and most importantly, the ability to assimilate. The American economy today does not allow every citizen to be satisfied with his position. There is a clear distinction between the classes in America. The pursuit of happiness is limited to those who adapt and conform, as well as requiring a set of skills in order to remain competitive in the job market. In “Class in America: Myths and Realities,” Gregory Mantsios describes the myths and their corresponding realities in America. A myth that was given claims that any American, given the …show more content…
Buchanan provides examples and historical contexts which show the gradual separation and classification of Americans by religion, ethnicity, gender, and political affiliation. America was founded on the values of “diversity, equality, and democracy.” Buchanan argues that America today is known for its diversity rather than its unity. Treating Americans differently based on race has become a norm and raises questions every day. “Hardly a month passes without some controversy or crime rooted in race being forced through cable TV and talk radio onto the national agenda” (601). The fact that the average earnings for Americans is often classified by race, in addition to showing large disparity between incomes, shows that America is far from colorblind. All three selections have made the point, through historical examples or personal experience, that success and failure directly correlates to one's status and background. There is unquestionable variation with race and class being the most prominent factors. An individual that adapts to his respective American expectations can achieve his goals. Gregory Mantsios and Patrick Buchanan discuss the issues that surround class and race while Stephen Cruz describes a personal ordeal that opens his eyes to the reality of the glass ceiling caused by his background. Mantsios and Buchanan naturally have analytical and statistical information to as support. Buchanan stresses the unity of

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