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Having Our Say Full bio-psycho-social assessment of Bessie Delany In this assignment, Professor Alton Clark Dubois’ Social Work 319 class was required to read the book; having Our Say by the Delany sisters’ first hundred years (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993). Author Amy H. Hearth co-wrote this inspiring book alongside sisters Bessie and Addie Delany. “This book is woven from thousands of anecdotes that I coaxed from the Delany sisters’ during an 18-month period (September 1991 to April 1993)” wrote Hearth (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993). After having read the book, we the students were to do a complete assessment: biologically, psychologically, and sociologically. In this paper, you will read my full bio-psycho-social…show more content…
“Sadie and I still brush our teeth with equal parts of baking soda and salt, mixed into a paste with a little water in the palm of your hand” she told her co-writer Amy Hill Hearth (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993, p.176). Elizabeth (Bessie) Delany was born in a different time than the one we are living now. She had a very protective mother that made sure she ate healthy at all times. Even though they were poor, Mother Delany always had healthy food for them to eat. Unlike today where there are many unhealthy places to eat out, the Delany’s were well taken care of. “Mama was real fussy about germs and also careful about the food we ate. She was ahead of her time about vitamins and things like that” explained Bessie (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993, p.83). They had no worries about bad illnesses or substance abuse in their family. All these factors contributed to Bessie having a good health as she aged. And she aged well. Her development in this area was both normal and healthy. The strengths that I can identify in Elizabeth (Bessie) Delany that impacted her biological development was the fact that her mother taught her and her sisters and brothers how to eat well. “I like to sleep in my own bed at night, bathe in my own bathtub, and eat my own food” stated Elizabeth (Bessie) Delany (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993, p.222). Bessie never mentioned anything about eating out in restaurants or ordering any

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