Full Metal Jacket Film Analysis

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Film Analysis Within every man resides good and evil; which quality manifests itself is determined by how one is raised and views the world. Stanley Kubrick's film Full Metal Jacket takes the concept of good or evil in man and shows how war, the marines, and government blur soldiers' ideas of right or wrong. By injection of propaganda from these sources a misidentity is created within the solider. Once this misidentity has taken place it is the soldiers' job to figure out what he is: a killing machine as he has been trained, or a bringer of peace to a war torn nation. A soldiers' identity is stripped of him the second he enters boot camp. It first begins with the shaving of the head which likens boot camp to brain surgery, then continues …show more content…
This explains how even though joker is inherently good, and continues to be, there are times when you must act to better yourself. Joker, however, redeems himself in the climax of the movie with the sniper scene. Even when the sniper has killed three of his fellow soldiers Joker does not have the ability to take her life. To the other men she is just another VC fighter trying to kill them. Joker, however, sees her for who she is: a young women of about eighteen and just as human as he and the rest of his squad. A clear signal of this is when the sniper gets shot once and all the marines are gathered around her. While the sniper is lying on the ground praying as she is dying, Joker asks the question, “What do we do about her?” The only response he receives is, “Fuck her, let her rot.” Here is where we see a clear distinction of what Joker has become compared to the rest of the soldiers. Though he is still accepted by all of his fellow soldiers he is reassured that he is different from the rest. Evil, which is represented by the other soldiers, is in constant struggle with some of the men's conscience while it has taken full control of others. In the scene where Joker and Rafterman are riding in a helicopter to the jungle, they ride with a gunner who is disconnected from reality. While flying, the gunner is shooting random peasant farmers with no remorse. His first words to Joker and Rafterman are, “Anyone who runs is a VC.
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