Full Practice Authority On Floridian Nurse Practitioners

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Full Practice Authority Affecting Floridian Nurse Practitioners The Problem Affecting Floridian Nurse Practitioners Advanced practice nurse practitioners (APRNs) have been attempting for many years to eliminate barriers that prevent full practice authority nationwide. Each state has its own licensure and regulates APRN practice roles. APRNs benefit health care by addressing two pertinent needs: the lack of available physicians; and, the increase in patient comorbidities (Gray, 2016). Florida is about to experience a shortage of medical practitioners. According to the Physician Workforce Annual Report of 2014, statistics state 13.4% of medical providers are expected to retire within the following five years after 2014 due to an increase…show more content…
Therefore, reimbursement to APRNs is limited for the many services that are provided to patients (Yee, Boukus, Cross & Samuel, 2013). In Florida, legislative sessions are held at specific dates throughout the year. According to the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP), three specific bills of interest that affect ARNP scope of practice: “SB 96 is proposed in to allow ARNPs to be medical directors; S634/HB 645 will enable ARNPs to sign Certificates of Involuntary Commitment (Baker Act) and CS HB129 will declare all Floridian ARNPs to be medical directors and gain signature ability and HB 7011 which initiates independent full practice for NPs” (Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP), 2017). Policy development and dissemination is managed by committees and subcommittees addressing health in the state of Florida that will read, deliberate, amend, approve and pass on the proposed bills to the governor, Rick Scott, for final signature approval. APRN Role in Policy Changes In recent years, APRNs have been very vocal through many nursing coalitions and associations. The voices of all ARNPs seeking full practice authority has been heard with the proposed bills. The Florida Panhandle Nurse Practitioner Coalition (FRNPC), has given information to all ARNPs to keep ahead in legislative issues. A white paper published by the American College of Physicians have been shared to all Floridian ARNPs through the

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