Full Range Leadership

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According to Bruce Avolio, “What we have clearly learned is that leaders who can balance transactional and transformational leadership across time, situations, and challenges are the most effective” (Avolio 2011, 49). “People have a greater sense of ownership at the highest levels in terms of identification and are willing to provide the extra effort needed to succeed” (Avolio 2011, 49). Yet, Rusty Ricketson wrote, “Those who embrace the followerfirst perspective are not dependent on titles or positions in order to gain a sense of identity and worth. They understand that good leaders are good followers” (Ricketson 2014, 197). Although Avolio supports Full Range Leadership and Ricketson support Following-Leaders there are both…show more content…
There is observed conflict between Transactional Leaders and Following-Leader, “The Following-Leader seeks to raise the level of the leader-follower relationship to one in which both leader and follower are responding based upon a common desire to honor God” (Ricketson 2014, 213). “Laissez-faire leadership (LF) is the behavior of those individuals in a group who, in the extreme, do not care what happens, avoid taking responsibility, cannot make up their minds, and are satisfied to sit and wait for others to take the necessary initiatives imposed by the tasks at hand” (Avolio 2011, 55). In Full Range Leadership and Following-Leader the LF is not an effective approach. “In terms of building the full range of leadership potential, how often you exhibit a certain set of behaviors along the range ultimately determines how effective you are over time as a leader “Avolio 2011, 56). Ricketson
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