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This paper will explain how Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) concepts apply to the current safety situation as well as how I plan to employ these concepts to conduct team-building within the safety office and across the wing to address the traffic-accident trend. Additionally, I will identify the information my team will need to address this trend and our desired goals and measurements we will use to reverse it. To begin, it is readily apparent that there is a trend of off-base automobile accidents involving service members and/or their dependents. The use of FRLM concepts applied to this situation will be our first step in addressing this problem. The previous approach to curb this trend was unsuccessful. The past approach to…show more content…
His suggestions have mostly been ignored in the past and this has created an attitude of ambivalence. By using II behavior, demonstrating the shared values of the team and conveying a clear sense of integrity, DeBurgh would buy into the team approach. Accepting his input would give him a sense of purpose in the team. He has given great examples of past successes, which could be used to create a new vision for a viable solution. The Intellectual Stimulation (IS) style of leadership could also be useful in motivating individuals to try to think of new ways of doing things. This style is very effective with people, like MSgt Jones, who have expertise in the safety field, but requires a change in mindset to accomplish things in a new innovative way. By challenging his old way of thinking about safety, he could develop a new perspective in how to tackle our current issue. This will be even more effective when I pair Jones and SSgt Williams together. Williams is full of new and innovative ideas that when combined with MSgt Jones’ safety knowledge could create an optimal solution. As the most junior member of the team, Williams would need the most mentoring. She is a sharp Airman and as mentioned before is full of new ideas. Individual Consideration (IC) would be the best leadership approach to take with her. IC would help her reach her full potential. By coaching her to create a
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