Full-Range Leadership Model Essay

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In this essay I will explain how the Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) concepts apply to the safety situation on XYZ Air Base. I will tell how I would apply these concepts to conduct team-building within the Safety office and across the base to address the serious safety problems. Lastly, I will formulate an action plan for the Wing Commander, so she can more effectively combat the alarming trends on base. Capt Matthews has let the safety situation on base slip for too long. The issue is not his lack of desire to fix it; rather it is his lack of leadership to motivate his Safety office and get them working together towards a common goal. It is clear to me that Capt Matthews displays some characteristics associated with…show more content…
Lt Johnson would play a key role in pulling the office together. He needs to understand that his apathetic attitude is causing problems. He is an officer and needs to act accordingly. I would make sure that he understands he needs to be 100% committed to the safety mission, even if he would rather be flying. According to the FRLM, this would be “idealized influence”, an attribute of transformational leadership. This concept highlights the need to do the right thing for the good of the mission. Having Lt Johnson be seen as a leader, rather than just buying his time in the office while he dreams of flying will make him much more useful.
I will to need to inspire and motivate my workers to turn things around. The concept of “inspirational motivation”, an attribute of the FRLM would help in achieving this goal. I would hope to inspire, and set a clearly defined mission for the Safety shop. It is important for my shop to understand what our goals are and clearly define how I intend to accomplish these goals. I would also apply characteristics of a transactional leader in accomplishing our goals. The “management by exception- active” approach would be successful in dealing with this situation. I would choose this approach because the Safety office is not used to working together. They would need supervision as well as intervention until they began to work
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