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Full Summary of The Goal Chapter 1 The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt is about a man named Alex Rogo and his quest of knowledge to make his company once again profitable. The first chapter begins with Alex coming into work only to notice someone is parked in his spot. He then realizes that the only person who would do this is Bill Peach who is the division’s vice president. Once he is in the office he finds out that Peach is there to figure out the status of the order number 41427 which is seven weeks late. Then once Rogo and Peach start talking; Peach informs Rogo that his company is loosing money. Next Peach states that he only has three months to turn the company around. Rogo then goes back to the issue at hand number 41427. Chapter 2…show more content…
He decides to go to his mother’s house to look for his old contact book to try and track down Jonah. He finally gets a hold of Jonah after talking to many other people. Jonah then gives Rogo 3 measurements with specific definitions to calculate the goal. The conversation gets cut short again and he leaves Rogo to figure out how to define the measurements in terms of his plant. Chapter 9 The next morning he gets to work late and goes straight to Lou’s office to discuss about the new figures Jonah has given him. They then bring in the Inventory manager Stacy and Bob the supervisor in the plant to discuss more about the figures. They figure out a few things are wrong according to the goal and then Rogo decides to discuss what he has been talking to Jonah about. Chapter 10 Once he has cleared the air about Jonah and explained to him everything that they have talked about they start again. They begin to compare the figures that Jonah gave him to their own company. He tells the workers about how he only has three months to get the plant to make money. They then decide to call Jonah again. Rogo and Jonah decide to meet in New York. Chapter 11 The next morning he meets up with Jonah in the hotel in New York. They begin to talk about the goal and the problems at the plant again. The next two figures that Jonah tells him about are statistical fluctuations and dependent events. He explains how these affect his plant the runs out of
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