Full Time Registered Nurse

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How would you feel if you were a full time registered nurse that had to work a 12 hour shift and be on their feet all day?A registered nurse has many responsibilities to handle. Some of the different responsibilities that an RN has is they should be able to perform physical exams and the previous health history that their patient has had. You should also be able to provide health promotion and the different counseling and education about the different types of health issues (“What Nurses Do” 1). Day in and day out registered nurses are exposed to extreme levels of stress due to their work environment, including their hours, shortage in staff, and the emotional toll the job could have on their lives. “Expect to work nights, weekends and holidays but not in the area you likely desire because most ‘desired’ areas want experienced nurses,” says Angil Tarach-Ritchey R.N., G.C.M, in Ann Arbor, Mich.…show more content…
If you were to work at least 40 hours a week you would get paid time in a half. According to Arnoldussen she says “ Challenges will be thrown at you that weren't covered in school or clinical rotation, but know that you’ll make meaningful work, and always be proud of your profession”( 1). Wanting to become a nurse can become a major factor in your life. Some of the factors could possibly be you are saving someone's life, you could possibly have the chance to travel around the world to help to
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