Fullan Education Change

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Author Michael Fullan, an international leader in educational reform at the school, district, and state level, published his first The New Meaning of Education Change in 1982, a book considered revolutionary with its ideas necessary to improve the state of education. The fourth edition of the book, published in 2007, looks again at the difficult subject of education reform, delving deep into the changes needed to be pursued by communities, schools, districts, states, school boards, and even teachers, principals, and district administrators. Michael Fullan, at the beginning of the book, looks into a history of education reforms, not just in the United States, but also in Europe and Canada, then ends the book by looking at the future…show more content…
In his closing chapter, Fullan states, “It has become more obvious that the approaches that have been used so far to bring about educational change are not working and cannot work” (Fullan, 2007, p. 299). It is up to each person involved in the education of todays’ students, whether a teacher, student, parent or community member, campus principal, or district administrator to work diligently to bring about the necessary changes to improve today’s schools in order to maximize student achievement. Effective change requires leaders to take the initiative. As Dufour and Marzano state, in agreement with Michael Fullan, “Effective leaders do not look out the window waiting for someone else to improve their situation – they look in the mirror” (Dufour & Marzano, 2011, p. 58). Why change today’s schools? Change must come about because today’s students deserve an education that will effectively lead them to success as a student and future leader in society. Educational reform is not an option but necessary for effective student
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