Fuller House Character Analysis

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The loving, family, comedy show “Fuller House” visualizes many traits of how families are in this generation. There is a couple of main characters, Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ, they show how a family should support one another, learning valuable lessons and dealing with changes. But out of the main characters, DJ the single mother is the one that inspires everyone around her and influences her family to be responsible and teaches life lessons. Many women now and days have a hard time being single moms due to responsibilities raising their kids, juggling their career and personal life. There are times where they struggle to find themselves and coping with everyday situations. DJ is an inspiration to mothers because she represents what most single mothers go through in the show. Therefore, the single mother of three sons is struggling with the new changes in her life after her husband passes away and needs to readjust to her new life in San Francisco. She moves back to her father’s house where she and her sisters were raised. She is coping with the loss of her husband, juggling her personal life and job. Her sisters also move back to their father’s house to help DJ that is struggling with raising her three kids alone.…show more content…
Stephanie is the sister that has been traveling the world, having the time of her life, nightlife and all about partying. She soon finds out that she can’t have kids, so she gets more involved with her nephews. The emotional scene where she tells DJ that she can’t have any kids of her own Stephanie says that the kids have changed her perspective. She didn’t want children before but her sister’s kids changed her and now that she got to know them, she feels like more of a connection to them. DJ showing the responsibilities she must face daily as a mother, the tasks she takes, and the lessons learned through her
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