`` Fullmetal Alchemist `` By Hiromu Arakawa

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“Fullmetal Alchemist” by Hiromu Arakawa is a book that perfectly reflects on human behaviour, and though does contain fictional content, makes many references to real world struggles and issues. It deals with small, more intimate issues like doubt of your loved ones, but also reflects on international issues like racism. It is a story that teaches us to not be too quick to react. It teaches us that we should not yearn for the past, and aim for a future where we will not have anything to yearn for, and it is one of the reasons I continue to love fiction to this day. Envy laid on the ground in his parasitic form after being burnt to flames by Colonel Mustang repeatedly. The Colonel at this time would have continued to engulf…show more content…
Scar!!........ why…. Why!? Why!? Why!? Damn you all!!” After Envy’s furious rant, Edward continues to say “Envy, you…’re envious of humans. We are so much weaker than you homunculi but… battered, confused, even when we 're beaten, and about to collapse… even when we know it 's pointless, we always stand back up. And if we can’t our friends will lift us. You will never have that, and it’s made you jealous of us.” Envy, humiliated by the fact that the person he didn 't understand at all understood how he felt, proceeds to kill himself. The story then continues to the battle in the central army HQ where Edward’s teacher joins the fight.

Envy was born with his prime emotion being envy, meaning he wouldn 't ever be able to feel empathy, and this was completely out of his control. The main villain In “Fullmetal Alchemist” created artificial humans in which he implanted his emotions. Throughout the main characters Edward and Alphonse’s journey, they encounter these people one by one eventually having to face them as enemies. The acts they do, their interactions with characters and their death all perfectly describe their respective emotions. In Envy’s case, he was jealous of Edward. Envy was always interested in Edward and messed around with him. Unconsciously, he stayed around Edward in order to attempt to understand him. In Envy’s last words, he wished Edward good luck, telling him he looks forward to how far he gets with that simplistic
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