Fun Activities in the Workplace-Organizational Behavoir

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Fun Activities in the Workplace
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Fun Activities in the Workplace

Fun activities should be required in the work place. Statistics have shown that employees who are involved in the company or by the company setting aside a day to show employees they are appreciated, stress levels are reduced, employees are happier and better able to provide the degree of customer service consumers come to expect. There are many types of “fun days” that a company can explore using. These “fun days” can include friendly competition between employees. Prizes could include a vacation for the employee who wins the competition.

One of the main benefits that occur when creating fun activities for employees is that it can improve and build
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Most of the upper management staff is located on our downtown campus not on campuses frequented by students. They are not exposed to the stressors that come with seeing students 5 days a week, 7.5 hours a day. Students come in upset, not necessarily with you, but with their financial situation or even a personal situation, and take it out on you. You have to always maintain a professional demeanour when dealing with them to avoid any confrontations. It is easy for a manager who sits in their office all day to make suggestions on how they think things can be done better but those suggestions are usually void. Working in the college environment, if you do not see the stresses, you cannot make suggestions on how to make a campus or department run more smoothly.
BC does offer professional development days where we can attend workshops. Stress relief and time management workshops are included. These do not alleviate the stressors we face on a daily basis or allow us to be able to communicate our ideas for improvement to upper management. BC should consider implementing a committee consisting of staff members from each campus to allow them to discuss issues that arise and give suggestions on how to improve those issues. One problem with working for BC is that most of the front line staff does not feel as though they are appreciated. Upper management does not reward employees for a job well done. Many employees feel as though their managers do not have

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