Fun Home By Jeffery Eugenides Essay

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What does it mean to be queer? The Merriam Webster Dictionary states that queer is "differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal" ("Definition of Queer"). By this definition, all humans are queer in their own way. When looking at the novel Middlesex, written by Jeffery Eugenides, and the graphic novel Fun Home, written by Alison Bechdel, queerness is seen in multiple aspects within the characters and styles of writing. Eugenides writes Middlesex through the all-knowing character of Cal, who was born and raised a female but later discovered to have both male and female genitals. During the time of puberty, her queerness becomes more present as she realizes how much she differs from her classmates. When a doctor finally tells her that her genetic makeup is male, Cal runs away to take on this new identity. Contrasting this to the graphic novel Fun Home, Bechdel writes a memoir of her life, retelling the story of her family and the revelation of her sexual identity. A strong emphasis is put on Bechdel 's father, who is found to have homosexual tendencies, and the relationship the two form through their queerness. Queerness, in the sense of non-normativity, is seen within the texts of Middlesex and Fun Home and can be compared and contrasted by the ways in which the characters identify themselves as queer, how the styles of narratives reflect queerness, and how the families of the protagonists are incidentally queer themselves. While the characters of both Cal and

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