Fun Visit to Lake Station, Indiana

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Located in the northwestern part of the state, Lake Station and its attractions are easily accessed via the Indiana Toll Road and Interstate 80/94 which run right through the city. Whether you and your little one desire an educational or more active experience, Lake Station won't disappoint. (See References 1)
Explore Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center

Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center ( is a smoke-free, socks-only facility where kids up to the age of 9 can interact, create and explore. Bellaboo's has various entertainment rooms that range from a child-size pretend kitchen and pizza parlor to a train station and cookie bakery. At the center of the facility is a cafe where parents can relax while watching their little ones have fun. Bellaboo's also has an outdoor playground where you and your toddler can have some fun in the sun. (See References 2)
Enjoy the Library

A visit to the Lake County Public Library ( is sure to put a big smile on your toddler's face. Centrally located in the city, the library organizes various programs for toddlers. This can include story time, singing along to music, and interactive play and crafts. Some programs require you to register beforehand, and during holidays and extreme winter weather the library is closed. A call of…
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