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“Fun with Dick and Jane” (2005) Starring: Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, and Alec Baldwin In need of some light hearted entertainment and a good laugh, I chose the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” for this assignment. “Fun with Dick and Jane” asks the common question, “What is the difference between a corporate crook and a bank robber?” The movie opens with Dick leaving his home in the picture perfect neighborhood in the year 2000. Dick is married to Jane and they have a son who is more or less being raised by the housekeeper, Blanca. The family is living in a culture of high powered, high paying jobs, high tech appliances and high stress living. Dick and Jane have it all and they can’t get enough of it. The first ethical issue that is…show more content…
This movie provides sarcastic contradictions about morality and the ethics of crime. For one short-lived moment, Dick contemplates prostituting Jane for income but of course because this is a light hearted comedy Jane becomes furious with this suggestion. Not long after her outrage she turns to burglary willingly. Burglary, just like prostitution, is illegal, immoral, and demoralizing. Unlike prostitution, which is a misdemeanor, burglary is a felony. These two criminals are portrayed as good people just trying to feed their son and keep their house, yet the same "good guys” in the audience who would frown on prostitution, enthusiastically support burglary as a practical comedic maneuver. Yet, if Dick and Jane are on the path of immorality, as conveyed by their society's parameters, they might as well have went with prostitution as a way to make money. With Jane being such an amazing looking woman, she could have easily earned thousands of dollars a day escorting swanky businessmen, thus attaining the goal of quick cash less unlawfully. The movie snidely communicates to us that dressing up as Sonny and Cher to commit armed robbery, or taking your neighbor’s car and driving it through a jewelry store window is less shameful than selling your body. The definition of robbery is “the act of robbing from a person or presence of another by violence or threat” which is considered a felony; prostituting or escorting

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