Function Of Communication : The Art Of Persuasion And Communication

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Persuasion Though the last three months of this course, I have learned a great deal about the art of persuasion and communication. As an engineering’s student, I have not been exposed to much of the material in this course before I started it, but I have learned how often persuasion is used in our daily lives. All ads and commercials used persuasion techniques such as ethos (credibility), logos (argument logic) and pathos (emotional state) and often a mixture of all three. The importance of using persuasion techniques is to target the audience’s attitudes. Attitudes include personal beliefs and are a part of a person’s values. Functions of attitudes are self- identity, ego-defense, value- expression and knowledge. Attitudes persist over time and guide behavior, which is why they are important so important to target when trying to persuade someone. Word usage is important when persuading, public speaking, and when analyzing an audience.
When forming questions for surveying an audience, it is vital to remain neutral and never biased within the wording. It is also good to not use double negatives to be as clear as possible and ensure the audience understands the question to receive accurate responses. Good surveys vary in sequence but put sensitive questions at the end. Three scales that measure attitude are the Likert scale (opinion statements), Guttman scale (progression of statements) and the Semantic differential (rate concepts on feelings of approval). Other methods consist of focus groups and open ended measures which both consist of more listed thoughts and emotions than scales. Understanding the targeted audience with these methods allows for the persuader to target their audience with specific techniques. An example of this is the cognitive response theory- stating that the reaction that the audience has to the pro and counter arguments of the communicator leads to the amount of attitude change of the audience. This is also crucial when public speaking to have the audience agree with the topic of the speech, stay engaged, and react to the speech accordingly. Public Speaking
I have learned that public speaking is not just about collecting facts and reciting them, but understanding the topic,
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