Function Of Soliloquies In Hamlet

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The Functions of Soliloquies in Hamlet. Soliloquies are a powerful writing device that can help a writer with a large array of different things. Shakespeare uses these speeches in Hamlet quite often and they became an important functioning feature in the story. Soliloquies helped Shakespeare to give the readers insight into the emotion of Hamlet and Claudius through their narration directly to the audience. These addresses to the audience fit the role of developing the plot through exposition of plans via character narrations. The many monologues in Hamlet serve these functions to allow the story to progress steadily and smoothly. Hamlet's first soliloquy exists in order to give both an insight into Hamlet’s emotional state and a small background on what has happened in the recent months to put him in that state. Hamlet tells the audience that he feels disgusted with his mother for marrying Claudius within two months of Hamlet Sr. dying. This monologue also easily explains to the audience that Hamlet feels distraught over the loss of his father. “Hamlet is just like us... his mysterious inner life, his roller coaster of emotions...his conflicted feelings about his parents…” (Hamlet). Hamlet’s heartache over his father's death and mother’s quick wedding causes him to experience inner struggles throughout the majority of the play. This soliloquy has the role of keeping the fluidity of the play by using one of the characters in the play to temporarily act as a narrator
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