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Functional area Plan: Human Resources
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Zilack Corporation Human Resources Department

Human Resources Manager Composition

The Human Resources Department at Zilack Cup Company has a mission to promote the company’s goals by aiding and assisting our organization in our functional area. The department must reconstruct the way in which it operates to facilitate the required demand of growth, acquiring and retaining a very efficient and highly motivated workforce. Crucial focal points for achievement and success are attracting, cultivating and preparing a workforce that can accommodate the growth level and changes that the company will under go.

Code of Ethics

Updating our code of
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History has shown in order to keep up with changing times we must allow innovative new technology into our company. The most successful companies embrace new technology. Our strategies also include ways that can offer solutions. Human Resources will enlist the assistance of the IT department to upgrade our website. HR wants to recruit using innovative new technology such as The software works on a windows platform. It allows applicants to submit their applications on our website. The software will score the application and /or resume with parameters set by us. The system will eliminate the process of going through all incoming applications and resumes and put the best and most qualified applications first. The cost for this service is $180 per month. That includes access for 5 employees and unlimited candidates can apply. The implementation of this software will save time and money. The time saved can be used to facilitate our company’s growth in other areas. It is crucial for the success of the Zilack Cup Company that Human Resources communicate closely with all sections in the company. We have an open door policy that allows our employees to voice concerns. This policy helps in the retention of our employees. Human resources will strategically plan our growth to deliver a high level of quality when we initiate new innovative hiring processes, training and retraining, tools to

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