Functional Area Plan

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Corporate Organization Structure Template

Name Annette Rasberry | Date 12/24/2011 |
Prerequisite: You must have Units 1-6 completed before composing this assignment, which utilizes the practiced research and writing processes.
Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for successful, enjoyable participation in a positive team experience for Units 8–10.
In this assignment, you will research and compose descriptions of a fictitious anonymous company's five functional areas. Further, you will explore organization’s code of ethics and executive summaries of reports to understand what they are and how to compose them.
Your main task is to develop a broad overview of the mission and purpose to be prepared to
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What is the mission of the Accounting and Finance Functional Area?
The mission of the Accounting Department is to accurately report the financial position of the company and its departments. It is also responsible for recording and coordinating the company activities and transactions.

What is the purpose of the Accounting and Finance Functional Area?
The purpose of the Accounting Department is to ensure that the business is adhering to all financial laws and the business does not go under. The Accounting department keeps track of all outgoing and incoming monies and makes sure that the profits are increased and not decreased.

Recommend one professional organization or website for network architecture professionals to maintain awareness of professional development events and trends not yet mentioned in this assignment.
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Human Resources Functional Area
Instructions: Paraphrase the wordings as much as you can and place quotes around the exact words you copied. Use in-text citations. Add the reference in Part D Reference section on this template. If you used more than one webpage, each webpage would have its own reference.

What is the mission of the Human Resources Functional Area?
To develop and manage value-added human resources policies and programs, and provide expert consultation, services and solutions in an efficient and customer-focused manner; and to provide employees

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