Functional Areas Of Human Resource Management

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Key Functional Areas Human resource management role is to plan, administer, and develop programs and policies that are designed to make efficient use of human resources of an organization. HRM is concerned with the people that are employee and their relationship within an organization. Objectives of HRM are utilization of human resources effectively, maximum development of individual and establishing desirable working relationships among all workers. Human resource management concept indicates that employees are employer resources. Decisions like whom to employ, what type of training is offer, what to pay, and how to assess employee performance that directly affects ability and incentive of employees to provide goods and service that…show more content…
In analysis and design of Job examines specific functions of job in defining the skills, knowledge and duties that are required for each position and also getting complete jobs information. With this information, organization carries out the employees recruiting and hiring function. In Recruitment organizations try to find candidates for potential employment. And then in the process of Selection HR attempts to categorize candidates with the required abilities, knowledge, skills, and other capabilities that will help the organization reach their goal. Next important function is training and development that gives employees the knowledge and skills to effectively perform their work and providing training for inexperienced and new workers. For example organization decisions regarding training and other HR practices are designed for providing special customer service. Compensation and benefits are functional area associated with HRM. The Compensation is the pays and bonuses paid to the worker for the work that they perform. For example, if a worker has practice and needs little training his wages will probably be more than wages for employee who must be qualified and trained. On the other hand Benefits are also a kind of compensation that is available to the personnel in form of Medical and dental insurance, travel allowance, paid vacation and leaves. Employee relation refers to communication with workers who are member of trade union. This area
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